pet grooming in Colorado Springs, CO

At Northwest Animal Hospital our top notch groomers have been widely recognized for their dog grooming and cat grooming services. We believe that bathing and grooming are essential to the happiness and health of your pet. Our experienced dog grooming and cat grooming specialists have been with our animal hospital for over 15 years and every member of our grooming staff pledges to provide professional, caring, and comfortable grooming services for your dog or cat.

Properly groomed pets are not just pretty to look at but regular grooming can help keep your pet healthy and safe. For example, if your pet has a clean and trimmed fur coat, parasites such as fleas have a much harder time taking up residence in their fur. Matting and knots in your pet’s fur, or grime around their eyes can also be health concerns which are easily remedied with a basic cat or dog grooming service. Another common grooming problem is nails that are allowed to grow too long, which can cause accidents where your pet may accidentally hurt you or others. Additionally, some pets do not naturally wear down their nails in their daily activities and may run into pain and health problems if the nail starts curling back on itself. In all these cases, a simple grooming service will be able to resolve all of these issues easily.

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Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming Services Include:

  • Hair (fur) Cut
  • Shampoo
  • Flea treatment if requested
  • Skin Moisturizing
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Anal Glands


Our Colorado Springs dog grooming and cat grooming services are available by appointment or can also be scheduled during pet boarding services. We have thorough knowledge of the differing needs for different pet breeds and perform all grooming services with patience and gentle handling.

We commonly offer dog grooming and cat grooming services to our boarding pets so you can take care of your pet’s grooming while you are out of town. Your pet’s boarding experience wouldn’t be complete without an appointment to visit our experienced professional cat and dog groomers during their stay. Our grooming center strives to provide you pet with the best possible bathing and grooming experience so they leave feeling good mentally as well as physically.

Colorado Springs Dog Grooming includes Hydro Surge Pet Bathing System

To help ensure the comfort of your pets during their dog grooming or cat grooming, we are pleased to offer the acclaimed Hydro Surge bathing experience. The Hydro Surge bathing system makes bathing faster and easier for your pet. In fact, bathing a pet with the Hydro Surge system can be up to 70% faster than hand-washing and incorporates elements of massage during the bath to help keep your dog or cat calm and relaxed. The stimulating massage providing by the unit increases blood circulation and leaves aching joints feeling relieved and soothed. The shampoo is mixed directly with the water as it is being applied to your pet. This allows the shampoo to deeply and evenly penetrate your pet’s hair coat so the specially chosen shampoo can medicate the skin and relieve itchiness while thoroughly cleaning your pet. Consider trying the Hydro Surge experience next time you need grooming services for your dog or cat!

Colorado Springs Cat Grooming


Sometimes we hear pet owners ask if cats really need cat grooming services. Aren’t cats supposed to groom themselves?

Many cats are able to groom themselves, but if your cat has been shedding a lot of fur, if your cat’s fur is beginning to tangle or form knots, or if someone in your family is allergic to cats, then professional cat grooming services may be just what you’re looking for! Professionally grooming your cat will reduce shedding, remove any current tangles or knots, and prevent future tangles, matting and knots from forming. Grooming can also help mitigate cat allergies since these allergies are often caused by elements in the cat’s saliva which is spread to the entire cat’s coat through licking and self-grooming. Therefore, when you get your cat professionally groomed, all those built-up allergens will be washed away and may help prevent your cat from causing as much of an allergic reaction to those with cat allergies.

Colorado Springs Dog Grooming


We offer patient and professional dog grooming services for all breeds of dogs, and promise to provide the most comfortable experience possible for your pet. We can help if your dog has special needs or special requirements so don’t hesitate to talk to us and ask us questions. We will take care of your dog’s toe nail trimming and ear cleaning in addition to a full bathing experience. When you come back, your dog will look like he or she just had a makeover!

We will ensure your pet leaves our clinic happy, clean, and smelling great!