Values of Our Boarding and Daycare Staff…

  1. Providing Reliable and Trustworthy Service – We believe that providing reliable, trustworthy, and professional service is an honorable pursuit and pride ourselves on giving clients peace of mind while their pets are in our care.
  2. Staff Expertise – We believe it is important to employ courteous and knowledgeable staff that will treat your pet as if it were their own. We believe in providing an environment that promotes wellness for all animals in our care through keen observation and communication with medical staff.
  3. Valuing Each Individual Pet – We believe in dedicating ourselves to the emotional needs of all pets in our care. Whether boarding, being bathed, or participating in daycare, all pets are nurtured and encouraged as they receive lots of attention from staff.  We believe in catering to individual pet personalities so their experience away from their family is positive, enjoyable, and as stress-free as possible.  We also accommodate any special care instructions your pet is used to.
  4. Passion for Animals – We believe it is important to uphold our reputation for caring deeply about every animal that walks through our doors.
  5. Cleanliness, Order, Safety – We believe it is important to provide an environment that promotes the health and wellness for all animals in our care and we do this by creating a facility that exemplifies what we ourselves would want for our own best friends. Your pet will have a fun safe place to play during the day and a secure nighttime environment.

Thank You…

for allowing Northwest Animal Hospital to care for your pets while you are away. We provide quality, one-on-one, personal care for all the animals in our facility. All guests are fed premium quality foods during their stay with us. We can also provide blankets, if desired, for your pet’s comfort. Our top-notch kennel staff personally interacts with each and every animal under their care. Dogs in our facility are walked daily. Our cat boarding facility has been designed especially with our feline friends in mind.  It is located far from our dog boarding to ensure that stress due to barking is not an issue. They can relax in a “cat condo,” stay in our window rooms with music and video entertainment, or even enjoy the comforts of our kitty luxury suite that has multiple chairs, a loveseat, and a big window.

Our kennel adheres to the highest standards regarding pet boarding facilities.  We care deeply about every pet in our care and want to ensure that they have a loving and relaxing stay with us.  We offer several different enrichment services to enhance their stay.  Please see our enrichment services page for all offered services.


Vaccine Requirements

For your pet’s safety, we require that your pet be current on all his/her vaccinations. Please provide proof of the appropriate vaccinations by bringing a copy from the veterinarian which vaccinated your pet. We have provided a list of our requirements below.  If your pet is not up-to-date on vaccinations please call our office to schedule a wellness/vaccination appointment prior to their stay.

All dogs must be current on Distemper, Parvovirus, Canine Influenza, Rabies and Bordetella (we require this vaccine every 6 months)
Fecal parasite screening – all dogs must have a negative stool sample within the last 6 months

All cats must be current on Feline Distemper & Respiratory Virus (FVRCP), Feline Leukemia Virus and Rabies
Fecal parasite screening – all cats must have a negative stool sample within the last 6 months



$32.00/day per dog

Cat Condo $26.00/day
Cat Condo with window view $32.00/day
Cat Luxury Suite: $52.00/day Additional cat in suite $30.00

Administer Medication
Add $6.00/day per guest
Diabetics- Add $15.00/day per guest.

Doggie Daycare
$15.00 per 4 hours of playtime
$24.00 for all day

We also have two different doggie daycare packages available – (10 days) buy 9 full days, get 1 free OR (30 days) buy 21 full days, get 9 free


Check In/Check Out
Please allow 30 minutes to check in your pet.  For your convenience we open at 7:00 AM Monday through Saturday and 9:00 AM Sunday.  To speed up check-in time, fill out forms prior to arrival. They are available at the front desk or on our website.

If you are boarding with us for the first time please arrive no later than 2 hours before close (no later than 4:00 PM Monday through Friday, 1:00 PM Saturday, 11:00 AM Sunday).  If you have a special need regarding check-in times please call ahead to arrange this.

Please note that prepayment for boarding services may be requested at check in.


Helpful Hints
An instruction sheet (in large type or written letters) on your pet pertaining to individual habits, dietary considerations, medications, exercise, emergency procedures, emergency contacts, etc., allows us to provide more personalized care for your pet.


Medical Services
Many pet owners find that while their pet is boarding, it is a convenient and logical time to have medical services performed. Teeth cleaning, lump removal, spay/neuter, nail trims, etc., can all be arranged during their stay. We will take care of all the post-operative care!

We will also administer medication your pet requires while boarding for an additional fee.


Bathing/Grooming Services
We recommend your pet be bathed or groomed prior to going home.  Our grooming department is excellent at sending your furry friend home clean and fluffy with their nails trimmed and their ears cleaned.


Medical Care During Boarding
Although we do everything possible to make your pet comfortable, boarding can be somewhat stressful, especially for excitable and high-strung pets. While most pets sail through this event, others may not eat or eliminate as regularly as in their home setting; others bark or meow more. Some pets have diarrhea from all the excitement. While most of these symptoms require little or no treatment, occasionally a pet does require medical care. Our doctors will attempt to contact you or your emergency contact. If we are unable to reach you, we will proceed with the care as deemed appropriate for your pet, and you will be charged for these services unless you specifically request otherwise in your instruction sheet.


Diet / Feeding Time
We feed Royal Canin and Purina premium digestive diets to the pets in our care. Fresh water is provided continuously. If your pet requires a special diet while staying with us, we will be happy to feed the special diet which you provide.


Personal Belongings
We provide blankets for your pet during their stay. No need to bring any of these items from home. Any personal belongings which must be brought should be clearly labeled and placed into a bag which has your name and pet’s name marked on the front in large letters. We ask that you please not bring large stuffed beds, rawhides, or bones, as these are difficult to monitor safely.