MEET LAURA! Laura has been a technician with us since December 2016. What Laura enjoys most about her job is meeting all of our clients that love their pets so very much and learning new things about medicine each day!  At home, Laura and her boyfriend, Alex, have a corgi named Elektra, a beagle/dachshund mix named Murdock, and a one-eyed cat named Odin (named after Thor’s dad). In her spare time, Laura enjoys watching hockey, spending time with her family and pets, eating pizza (cheese only, hold the toppings!) with chocolate milk, and going to the movies. Something most people don’t know about Laura is that she played hockey as a goalie for about six years!

MEET NATALIE! Natalie has been working at Northwest Animal Hospital since 2012 – she is a jack of all trades, working in the kennel, reception, and treatment areas.  Her favorite part of her job is visiting and loving on all the kitties in our boarding kennel.  At home she has a Belgian Malinois, Jackson, a tuxedo cat (Oliver) and a guinea pig (Peanut).  She graduated from The University of Colorado at Boulder, magna cum laude, double majoring in English and Psychology.  She is currently working on her masters degree in Psychology. She hopes to become a therapist, specializing in patients that have undergone trauma.  In her spare time she loves writing short stories and hopes to one day publish a novel.  Something that most people do not know about Natalie is that she is a published author of a short story entitled Pixie Voices and several poems.

Photo coming soon.

MEET DEREK!  Derek has been a veterinary technician at Northwest Animal Hospital since February of 2019.  He is working on his degree in Veterinary Technology at PIMA and will finish in the summer of 2020.  His favorite parts of his job are meeting all the different animals that walk through our door and learning new things about veterinary medicine each day.  At home he has a lab mix named Kuekuatsheu and two ball pythons named Dafina and Rhino.  In his spare time he enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and camping, exercising, and playing hockey.  Something that most people do not know about Derek is that he played soccer for four years in highschool!