MEET KEVIN and SUZI!  They are both very familiar faces at Northwest Animal Hospital – Kevin has been our boarding kennel manager since 1995 and Suzi has been our assistant kennel manager since 2000.  Together they are the boarding dream team and care immensely about the animals in their care!

They share their home with 4 pets – 2 cats (Alister and Boris) and 2 dogs (Clarice and Yara).  In their spare time they watch a lot of movies, especially horror movies, and they also spend a lot of time volunteering at film festivals. They also enjoy spending time together taking their tiny dogs for walks.

Kevin’s favorite part of his job is interacting with the animals in boarding and in doggy day care.  He gets a lot of job satisfaction out of caring for and monitoring the older and sicker animals while they are in our care.  Suzi’s favorite part of the job is taking care of all the animals, especially the animals with special needs.  She also loves learning about all the different dog breeds.

Something that not many people know about Kevin was that he used to be in a professional breakdance group that opened for small bands and fashion shows. In 1985 they even won the Colorado State Championship!  Ask Kevin if you want to know the name of his breakdance group.  Something that not many people know about Suzi is that when earning her Associate’s Degree in Zookeeping, she did an externship at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. She says it was one of the best times in her life!


MEET SHAWNA!  Shawna has worked in our boarding kennel since November 2009.  Her favorite part of her job as a kennel attendant is cuddling and earning the trust of the animals that come to visit us so that she can make them feel safe and comfortable during their stay, especially when she can make a visit for illness or injury less stressful.  She loves when a pet that was once nervous about going to the “V.E.T.” is excited to come see us!  She appreciates working in a kennel that is part of a veterinary hospital, so she can be sure that the health and safety of the animals will always be top priority and she can focus on their day-to-day comfort and happiness.  Currently her house is benevolently ruled by two cats (Aeris and River) but she grew up with two German Shepherds, four Border Collies, and one Chihuahua.  Shawna is a Colorado Springs Native and has lived here her whole life, but she would love to travel and see the world, especially Japan.  In her free time she enjoys gardening, sewing and crafting, watching figure skating, reading and watching movies (especially sci-fi, horror, and anime), going to concerts, and creating art and writing collaboratively with her sister and friends.  Something that most people do not know about Shawna is that she writes her own bardic folk songs and performs them at medieval reenactment events in the SCA.





MEET LEAH!  Leah started as a kennel attendant at Northwest Animal Hospital in June of 2011.  Her favorite part of her job is taking all the boarding dogs for walks each day.  At home Leah has two domestic short hair kitties named Pig and Rabbit. In her spare time Leah enjoys crocheting – she makes blankets, kid’s toys, and stuffed animals.  She also likes drawing, sewing, and cooking.  Something that most people do not know about Leah is that she LOVES comics and considers herself a comic book nerd!





MEET LYLE!  Lyle was brought on as a kennel attendant at Northwest in May of 2014.  His favorite part of his job is getting to love on all the pets that come to visit us at our boarding kennel and doggy daycare.  At home he has two domestic short hair kitties, Gilliam and Suzuka, who are littermates.  Both were adopted from Northwest Animal Hospital when they were 3 months old back in 2009.  In his spare time Lyle enjoys amateur tent making, wood working, leather crafting, and blacksmithing.  Some things that most people do not know about Lyle are that he LOVES kittens, spiders scare him, and he is currently learning to play the guitar!





MEET VICTORIA (TORI)!  Tori has been a kennel attendant at Northwest Animal Hospital since November 2017.  Her favorite part of her job is getting to love on all the dogs in our care each day – especially during daycare, cuddle times, and playtimes.  At home she has two dogs – Tigress a Pittie and Orion a Boxer Mix.  She also has a leopard gecko named Gorgeous George the Icecream Man.  Tori is studying at UCCS to get her Bachelors degree in Anthropology.  Her goal is to continue doing archeology expeditions in Belize to learn about ancient Mayan civilizations after she graduates.  In her spare time she loves hiking and camping in the mountains and hanging out in hammocks to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Something that most people don’t know about Tori is that reptiles are her favorite animals!






MEET JASYNDA!  Jasynda has been a kennel attendant at Northwest Animal Hospital since June 2018.  Her favorite parts of her job are learning about different dog breeds, interacting with all the animals each day, and helping ensure that animals that are in our care are being well-taken care of!  At home she has a Beagle mix named Maci, an Australian Kelpie named Mowgli, and a cat named Oliver.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, hiking in the beautiful mountains, and volunteering at different animal rescues and shelters.  Something that most people do know about Jasynda is that she has a passion for community service and volunteer work and even back in high school was part of her school’s community outreach group!