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How To Protect Your Pets From Lawn Mushrooms

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.– Thanks to our wet weather, Colorado Springs is now dealing with mushroom mayhem.

If you’re not careful, the fungi could be putting your kids and pets at risk.

We spoke to a local vet today about how these mushrooms can affect your pets health, and it turns out some of them are so toxic they could actually kill your dog or cat.

But luckily there are ways to control them.

“Mushrooms occur naturally when you have too much rain and excessive heat right after,” Tyler Wilson with Rick’s Garden Center said.

Which perfectly describes our summer season, and it’s created mounds of mushrooms across town.

“It’s hard to identify the good ones from the bad ones, so it’s always best to stay on the side of caution then to pick or eat your own mushrooms out of the lawn. Especially keep an eye on your kids and your pets,” Wilson said.

He says there are thousands of different types of lawn mushrooms, and a bad one could send your children to the Emergency Room with some serious stomach pains, but it could be a whole lot worse for your dog or cat.

“Some of these mushrooms can cause neurological symptoms, seizure activity and possibly even death,” Dr. John Sudduth with Northwest Animal Hospital said. “It’s best to just try to get rid of them before they can cause a problem.”

Controlling the mushrooms is luckily a pretty easy process.

“Before you mow your lawn, you’ll want to pull the mushrooms that are existing so you don’t continue to spread the spores…keeping your grass cut lower can also reduce the moisture. Tall grass holds moisture,” Wilson said.

You can also kill the mushrooms with fungicides and water less often, especially if it’s been rainy.

But if your pet still finds a mushroom and starts acting strange, contact your vet immediately.

“It’s always better to play it safe than potentially have them suffer from symptoms,” Dr. Sudduth said.

He also says you should also keep your dogs on a short leash while walking so you can watch what they might be sticking their nose into.

Source: Fox 21 News

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