Dr. Sudduth on the News to discuss rabies

rabiesHealth experts giving out a report no pet-lover wants to hear, a small kitten in El Paso County has come down with rabies.

“It was a six-month-old kitten, so it was probably very curious and it could have come into contact with a rabid bat or skunk or some other wild animal that it contracted rabies from,” said Communicable Disease Program Manager for El Paso County, Shannon Rowe.

Veterinarians say the diagnosis is a reminder for all pet owners that living in Colorado Springs makes pet vaccinations a must.

“We really live among the wildlife population here and so there’s ample opportunity for diseases to gain a foot hold and begin to spread among the pet population,” said Dr. John Sudduth of Northwest Animal Hospital.

Since 2010 rabies has been found in 35-animals in El Paso County, a statistic vets say reinforces the importance of pet vaccines. But they go on to say the shots keep humans healthy too and could prevent a community wide outbreak.

“When it comes to vaccinations and keeping your pet protected, not only are your protecting your pet against severe and life threatening diseases…you’re also protecting the community and your family,” said Dr. Sudduth.

As for the family of the small kitten, they’re in good care taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy.

“They’re safe now, they’re getting rabies post exposure prophylaxis which is a series of vaccinations given to keep rabies from happening in humans,” said Rowe.

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